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43 Ergo

Position: #43

Brand: Ergo
Brand value: 298 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: −6%
Ranking change compared to last year: −1

The ERGO Insurance Group is represented in over 30 countries worldwide, primarily in Europe and Asia. ERGO is continuing its efforts to provide customer-focused, personal service in line with its slogan “Versichern heißt verstehen” (“To insure is to understand”). This involves providing clearly worded contracts to ensure that clients fully understand what they are signing. This value is deeply understood within the company and clearly communicated to the public. Introducing mobile IT in sales represents another way in which the company aims to meet customer needs. Recent advertising campaigns as well as social media activities, including three blogs for direct customer communication, reflect the insurer’s commitment to consumers and to repairing damage to its reputation caused by scandals in past years. The brand slipped one place in the ranking to 43rd. The entire ERGO group acknowledges its responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability.

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