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41 Rewe

Position: #41

Brand: Rewe
Brand value: 392 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: +2%
Ranking change compared to last year: +/-

German mid-market supermarket REWE, holding steady at 41st place, is very committed to its customers and exemplifying its brand value proposition of “Besser leben” (“Better Living”). In March 2015, it introduced a new, modern design to upgrade its private, low-cost label “Ja!” and capitalize on its strong recognition. The brand also offers a wide range of organic and high-end products. The chain is expanding in Germany with a marketing concept to meet all customer needs: REWE TO GO is an innovative convenience store, REWE CITY the small urban supermarket around the corner, traditional full-size REWE supermarkets in regional centers and larger REWE CENTER stores for comprehensive products and services. The retailer is also easily accessible to consumers online. REWE promotes many initiatives that represent healthy diets and exercise. In addition to being the main sponsor of 1. FC Köln soccer team, the retailer is also the “Official Nutrition Partner of the DFB”. The social media savvy brand is also committed to corporate citizenship, hosting three sustainability weeks each year to draw attention to various social issues.

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