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38 Kaufland

Position: #38

Brand: Kaufland
Brand value: 463 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: +2%
Ranking change compared to last year: +1

Kaufland, moves up one position in the 2015 ranking as a customer-focused, service-oriented German hypermarket brand. The brand clearly communicates its commitment to consumers in its tagline, “Hier bin ich richtig” (“This is where I belong”). Its stores have also introduced a new line of premium products called “Exquisit”, showing awareness for the preferences and needs of their customers. Kaufland also has a solid social media presence, and smartly uses its Twitter account for customers to submit complaints or comments directly to store management. In addition to being named “Retailer of the Year 2014-2015”, the brand received an award from the German Retail Association (HDE) for being “generation-friendly” – meeting strict criteria for accessibility, service quality, store design and available products. This shows a concerted effort on the part of the brand to be more relevant to shoppers of all ages and abilities.

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