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36 Osram

Position: #36

Brand: Osram Licht
Brand value: 601 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: −9%
Ranking change compared to last year: +1

Part of Siemens until 2013, OSRAM is one of the world’s leading light manufacturers today. The company is spearheading the development of LED technologies with a focus on quality and innovative lighting solutions. Despite a 9% decline in brand value Osram was able to moves up one rank. The lighting specialist is experiencing extensive changes and internal challenges as it drives the transition from conventional bulbs to new, sustainable and efficient products, recently making ground in its nano technology research. OSRAM acquired Clay Paky, an entertainment lighting solutions company, as a way of meeting new needs in response to changing market conditions. This step has already generated some high-profile business: Together, OSRAM and Clay Paky will provide most of the cutting-edge lighting technology for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. OSRAM has a highly professional, recognizable brand image to complement its familiar logo and distinctive orange color. Over 100 years old, OSRAM celebrates its long heritage and commitment to sustainability, recently being listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World.

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