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28 Persil

Position: #28

Brand: Persil
Brand Value: 1'048 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: +5%
Ranking change compared to last year: +1

According to many consumer studies, Persil is Germany's most popular detergent brand and one of the three top brands in the Henkel portfolio. Persil stands for innovation and over 100 years of tradition, and is known for developing products to respond to consumer needs. A good example is the “Kalt-Aktiv-Formel” detergent developed for customers who consistently wash their laundry in cold water. To this day, Persil combines cleaning performance, premium quality and modernity, but remains down-to-earth and tangible at the same time. The brand moved up one place to number 28 in the 2015 ranking. Persil has a strong presence in online, print and TV ad campaigns, is active in social media, and even launched a laundry advisor app to connect with and assist consumers. Persil also shows its commitment to helping society with its Futurino project, supporting education for children since 2007. Persil clearly communicates what it stands for and what people can expect from the brand, which makes it highly authentic.

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