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17 Nivea

Position: #17

Brand: Nivea
Brand value: 2'692 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: +7%
Ranking change compared to last year: −1

Nivea is a leading global brand for skin care, founded more than 100 years ago and belonging to the Beiersdorf AG. When Nivea was launched in 1911, it was the world's first stable oil in water emulsion moisturizing cream, and, as such, is considered to be the beginning of revolutionary skin care. Today, Nivea stands for closeness, trust, quality and effective skin care products for all skin types on a global level. Family values are also an important aspect of its brand character. As a brand that nurtures and protects, its strong heritage helps to maintain its market leadership in over 46 countries, including Germany. To further strengthen its brand values, Beiersdorf has successfully extended Nivea to meet all skin needs, such as anti-aging, lip balms, deodorants, shaving, sun lotions, hand creams and shower products. Nivea Sun aims to increase awareness about the risks of UV radiation and show its responsibility towards personal care with its recently launched sunscreen campaign.

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