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08 Siemens

Position: #08

Brand: Siemens
Brand value: 6'424 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: −6%
Ranking change compared to last year: −2

For 155 years, the Siemens name has been synonymous with cutting-edge technologies and continuous growth in profitability. With its wide range of products, systems and services, Siemens is world leading in information and communications, automation and control, power, healthcare, transportation and lighting. 18 months after presenting its Vision 2020, which set a new path to driving growth and strengthening Siemens' core business portfolio, Siemens is on track with the implementation of the company's strategic realignment. Digitization, and the use and application of smart data, is proving to be the new competitive currency in many of the categories in which Siemens operates and this provides plenty of opportunities upon which it can capitalize. For example, Siemens PLM (product lifecycle management) software is described as being "an information strategy" and enables businesses "to make unified, information-driven decisions at every stage in the product lifecycle." (this software played a role in the success of NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity a few years ago). Recently, Siemens has given its Healthcare business more independence, although this remains part of the Siemens brand. Meanwhile it has exited out of its joint venture with Bosch and now allows white goods to be sold under license by Bosch. Overall, the brand is becoming more focused and working to stay ahead of competitors by investing in future technologies and using analytics to drive such investments.

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