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02 BMW

Position: #02

Brand: BMW
Brand value: 25'195 Mio. EUR
Brand value change compared to last year: −1%
Ranking change compared to last year: +/-

BMW managed to retain its title of the most popular luxury automotive brand in the world in 2015, with a substantial 9.5% increase in sales for the year. Reinforcing its position as a best-in-class global automotive brand, BMW has effectively built upon its premium status while driving sustainable mobility forward. BMW EfficientDynamics is the name of the strategy from BMW to minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while, at the same time, increasing dynamics and driving pleasure. Looking to the future, the brand has increased its relevance with its BMWi series, a comprehensive and ground-breaking concept for sustainable mobility. Although other leading automotive brands had electric vehicles on the market well before BMW, the German automaker has broken new ground by using carbon fiber for the passenger cockpit, a material that is thinner than human hair yet tougher than steel. A staple in the production of superjumbo jets and Formula 1 racers, this super strong, extremely lightweight material comprises the body of the i3 and is gradually making its way into the rest of the brand's lineup. With big bets placed on the material, BMW could be, according to Bloomberg, "heralding what may be the biggest shift [in commercial auto manufacturing] since at least the 1980s, when the first all-aluminium car frames were made." But innovation is not the only area where BMW is thriving. Over the last few years, a focused brand strategy, internal clarity, and external brand consistency have all contributed to BMW's success. Through effective and consistent communication, BMW has strengthened its global presence and is incrementally re-engineering its perceptions in line with the future of the industry. Outstanding sales in China demonstrate the relevance of this promise in emerging markets. With a considerable profit margin per vehicle, BMW continues to illustrate the power of a strong brand in the global car industry.

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